Do you have a DIY project you’d like some help with? Do you want to meet other local DIY enthusiasts?
The Old Bath House has recently started hosting ‘FIX N MIX’ DIY drop-in sessions for the local community, and feedback has been overwhelmingly positive.
To date, our DIYers’ projects have ranged from building a beehive to mending a microwave. The sessions are self-guided, but there’s a team of skilled DIY makers and menders on hand to assist and advise. It’s free to attend – just a donation for refreshments.
A selection of hand tools is available to use, but we request you bring your own tools where possible, and any Health and Safety equipment required.
The next ‘FIX N MIX‘ sessions are on Tuesday 17 March and Tuesday 21st April.
Come along with your DIY project to The Old Bath House Void Workshop at the bottom of the ramp next to the Tesco entrance.
Turn up whenever suits you and stay for as long as you like, any time between 6-10pm.
We’re committed to providing a fun and creative makerspace for all skill levels.
Email Hannah at for more details, and keep your eye on our website for future ‘FIX N MIX’ dates.
In association with @wolvertonhomeandgarden
Photos by Simon Beckett, Factotum Film