Algae Magnet is a collaboration of experimental music between by local musicians Gary Blake and Timothy B Layden. The artists met in London but sealed their aspiration to work together while at a gig at The Stables, Milton Keynes. With wildly different aspirations in music the duo found their common ground by creating over 100 pieces of music recorded during the past two years.

Timothy experiences Synesthesia a condition that allows him to see sound as moving shapes in his periphery sight and growing up thought this was normal for everyone. He describes creating music with Gary as an exploration of sound to discover new shapes and textures in his own vision. 

“A Holiday Within” is a compilation of 12 of their favourite tracks that creates a sonic journey between light and dark in response to the lockdown four weeks ago. Timothy describes the album as ‘a unique piece in a unique time’
Algae Magnet’s debut release is out now and available to download from:

Algae Magnet are generously donating all proceeds of the album to support The Old Bath House and Community Centre’s ‘Don’t Panic’ Appeal to help keep the building alive in these challenging times: